How To Choose The Best Website Hosting For Your Project And Budget

Beginners constantly ask how they can find the right hosting and which company is the best. There are certain criteria you must look for and understand that if you plan to start a website or blog, you need hosting. This will act as the foundation of your business or personal site and if the foundation is weak, your site will also be weak.

By looking at some of the specific and using online website hosting reviews, you can find the best hosting for your project. Companies, such as iPage website hosting feature good shared hosting packages that work great for beginners and veterans to the hosting world. They can help you get started very quickly with a cheap package.

Other companies offer VPS, Cloud and Dedicated hosting, which are all more expensive than shared website hosting. They are also not necessary for most people starting websites and blogs. Only largest companies and those needing a super tight security system will need a dedicated server. Of course, if you have the budget to support the cost, nobody is going to stop you.

The Criteria to Look for in a Hosting Company

1. Features

Probably the most important thing a hosting company can do for you is give you the right features. If you want to start a blog, you want a top content management system, such as WordPress. However, those starting just a website or another type of online entity may need other tools. Make sure the company offers the features you need before you sign up.

2. Reliability

Another very important part of your hosting is choosing a company that is reliable. If they cannot give you reliable hosting, you will struggle to keep your site live. This is extremely important if your goal is to make money from your website or blog. The more time your site spends down, the more visitors you lose and that is, potential profits you are throwing away by trusting a bad hosting company.

3. Support

Every website hosting company will claim they offer great support, but not all of them do. Some of them say their support will respond fast, and then after you pay for hosting you find out it was a complete lie. By reading the hosting reviews online, you can find out what others think of hosting with specific companies and how their support works.

4. Space and Speed

Space is always important and with most good shared web hosting companies you can get unlimited disk space. The other important resource you need is speed, which comes from servers that are not crowded. Great hosting companies can balance the amount of accounts they put on each server and will use redundant hosting to help speed things up.

5. Price

There is no reason to pay a huge amount when you first start out. Shared web hosting is the cheapest and will support websites and blogs until they are seeing thousands of visitors every single day or even more. If you are a beginner, you can start with shared web hosting and after a few years, you can re-evaluate if you can afford more hosting or not.

Shared hosting is less than $ 5 a month on a yearly plan, with most companies, whereas VPS and dedicated hosting are much more expensive. Dedicated hosting can run as much as $ 500 or more per month and starts out around $ 150 a month. VPS starts much cheaper, but you will have to upgrade very quickly and you will need to spend at least $ 50 a month for good VPS hosting.

Regardless of your project, you can use shared website hosting to start your new website or blog. Most companies even give you unlimited domain hosting and a free domain name for the life of your account. This allows you to host as many websites and blogs as you please all on the same account.

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