How To Find A Good Proxy

Proxies have existed all over the Internet right since its birth. With so many proxy sites out there it leaves some people wondering about which ones to use and which to avoid. It is true that not all of the people who own these sits have good intentions which means you should do dome homework before browsing the Internet via their site. If you do not do your research you could quite easily find your computer infected with viruses, Trojans, spyware etc. Sometimes they could even snoop and steal Internet passwords etc.

So you number one priority has to be research! All you need to do really is check out some popular forums to see which ones are the best to use. This will give you an idea of the ones that are likely to be genuine and pose no threat to you and your computer. Secondly, once you have established that a certain proxy site is trustworthy, you need to ascertain whereabouts it is being hosted. If the site is being hosted in developing countries or places like Nigeria, Iran, or North Korea, then best to stay away from these. This could lead to all sorts of problems for you which I am sure you would prefer to avoid. Places like the US and the EU are an ok option but be aware that these jurisdictions do not protect your privacy as some others do. Sometimes ISPs are routinely handing your information over to various authorities for whatever purpose.

The best option is to find a reliable proxy that is being hosted in a country that enforces strict measures so that your data or information is kept as private as possible. This means that the person or company hosting the site could not give away information on you without a court order. Sometimes this is very rare depending on the country. The best option would probably be Panama. Panama has tough banking secrecy laws in place that protect you and prevents companies and organizations disclosing your details to others. A court order from a Panamanian judge would be needed if any information was to be released. This is quite rare though and only is done under exceptional circumstances. It would probably be even more unlikely to happen if a foreign body or authority were requesting such information.

So with the proxy being trustworthy and being hosted in a country that protects and respects your privacy you have the perfect proxy site to use! The only other point I would make is that is you have any spare cash you could also buy a products that offers encryption as one of its features. This means that if anyone were to try and snoop on your data transmissions then al they would get is gibberish and nothing meaningful. I hope this short article has been helpful and you can put these points to good use. Finding the perfect proxy is not always easy but can definitely be done with a little effort and perseverance.

The author lives in England and has setup a new proxy site. Links to proxies and reviews of products are also available free of charge. You are can visit the site and get some good tips and information surfing advice on staying safe and protected online.

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